Teeth Whitening at Richard S. Bernstein D.D.S, Farmington Hills

In addition to some required dental work, I decided to also have cosmetic additions performed. Dr. Bernstein and his staff made me feel very comfortable during the process. I now have a smile that feels and looks great. The quality of his work is superior and I would recommend him to anyone looking to make a dramatic improvement to their dental quality of life. Dr. Bernstein is a perfectionist, and he and his entire staff are very special people. I couldn’t be happier with the results
Lou M.
Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, they gradually become stained and darkened. Food, beverages, time, and lifestyle choices all contribute to the loss of brilliance. Richard Bernstein, DDS, can offer you five different options for a sparkling white smile!

  • In-office whitening - The ZOOM! light activated power bleaching system delivers fast, dramatic results. It takes about one and a half hours, and gives you a ten-day head start on whitening your teeth. Depending on desired results, ZOOM! might be all you need.
  • At home whitening - We will provide professional whitening gel, custom fabricated trays, and complete instructions. This system is designed to be used daily, for about one or two weeks, depending on the degree of staining. You can choose Day White, which takes 30 to 60 minutes per session, or Nite White, which whitens your teeth while you sleep.
  • Whitening pens - For the ultimate convenience, you can have a tooth whitening system in your pocket. These pre-filled pens contain a safe, mild bleaching agent which you can brush on your teeth up to three times daily.
  • Chic-Flic - This is a must-have accessory for every cosmetic bag. One side of this compact pen contains a whitening gel, and the other side is a lip plumper. It even lights up, so you can see exactly what you are doing.
For a brighter, whiter smile, you can choose any of these methods, or a combination. Whatever whitening system is chosen will be more effective immediately after teeth cleaning. The same bacteria, plaque, and tartar that cause gum disease creates a biofilm on the surface of your teeth, preventing the whitening agent from making full contact.

Many patients begin with ZOOM! and continue whitening their smiles with at-home trays until the desired result is achieved. The Chic-Flic or standard whiting pen, with an average cost of less than $30.00 can be used alone, as an economical way to lighten teeth. They can also be used for on the go touch-ups, following a whitening treatment.

Most staining and discoloration can be quickly corrected with teeth whitening. Certain types of discoloration, often caused by medications, may not be responsive to bleaching. In these cases, Dr. Bernstein may recommend porcelain veneers - a two-appointment procedure that can correct many common aesthetic issues.

Are you ready to see your smile shine? Call or email today for more information.