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Achieving a sleep apnea diagnosis in Michigan

Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder that is often undiagnosed but can cause a number of problems in one’s quality of life. Other than snoring, sleep apnea can also result in chronic headaches, daytime tiredness, and can even result in depression and anxiety. Many patients go about their lives without knowing they have the condition, but once diagnosed, have several solutions available to them for treatment. One of these solutions includes an oral appliance that can be purchased through Michigan dental practices.

Achieving A Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Near Me In Farmington Hills, MI

However, many patients need to take the first step to determine if they are struggling with this condition and seek a proper diagnosis. To diagnose this condition, patients need to speak to their primary care physician about undergoing a sleep study. Sleep studies are done to evaluate the way an individual sleeps, which may indicate a problem with obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Richard S. Bernstein can then coordinate with the doctor to help determine the best treatment available. Many physicians may suggest CPAP therapy, which is a specialized device used at night to keep the airways open and allow individuals to have uninterrupted sleep.

CPAP therapy is effective, but many patients are not compliant with it. This is because the device can be uncomfortable and cumbersome, making many patients choose to avoid wearing it. This will cause the sleep apnea concerns to return and therefore, leave them at risk for many other medical problems linked to this sleeping disorder.

Instead, patients can visit Dr. Richard S. Bernstein to learn more about oral appliance therapy as an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Oral appliance therapy uses a specialized mouth guard to hold the tongue down, realign the jaw, and keep the airways open for a better night’s sleep. This mouth guard is custom-made to fit and is extremely comfortable to wear at night. Patients often enjoy this therapy option, which increases their compliance and provides effective results.

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