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What is done for Farmington Hills, MI area patients during the veneers procedure?


Patients unhappy with the appearance of their smile due to imperfections such as breakage, misalignment, and oddly shaped teeth can use porcelain veneers. Veneers are ceramic overlays that are bonded onto the front of natural teeth to disguise many concerns. Richard S. Bernstein, DDS may suggest veneers for patients who want to quickly and affordably address areas of concern.

What is done during the veneers procedure, Near Me In Hills dentist, MI

The veneers procedure is relatively simple for Farmington Hills, MI area residents. Their development and placement is generally accomplished over the course of several weeks with approximately three appointments. The first step is the consultation appointment. This is when patients speak to their dental professional about the benefits of veneers and whether or not they are appropriate candidates for treatment. Patients can also ask Richard S. Bernstein, DDS about alternative solutions available, including orthodontics, teeth whitening, and dental composite bonding.

Once patients have determined that veneers are right for them, they must go through a series of impressions. These molds are taken after a thin layer of enamel has been removed from the natural tooth. They are sent to an outside dental laboratory to a ceramist who uses the impressions to create the thin restorations based on instructions supplied by the dentist to ensure they are beautiful and look completely natural within the patient’s smile. This may take a week or two, and in the meantime, patients will enjoy the placement of temporary veneers until their final restorations are ready. Once they are, patients return to the dental office for the final placement.

Richard S. Bernstein, DDS can walk patients through the process so they can better understand what they can expect from start to finish. Although the veneers procedure can take a few weeks, the results can last many years and provide patients with a beautiful smile for decades!

If you live in the Farmington Hills, MI area and are interested in speaking to a dental professional about the veneers procedure and process, contact Dr. Richard S. Bernstein today.

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