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Cosmetic dental procedures used to make Farmington Hills patients’ smiles beautiful

Woman with beautiful Smile If the beautiful smile that you once enjoyed has disappeared due to chipped, cracked, dark, or misaligned teeth, make an appointment with Dr. Richard Bernstein in Farmington Hills. Dr. Bernstein offers many cosmetic dental procedures for Farmington Hills area patients to choose from to achieve the smile they once had.

A few of the common procedures he performs are:

Veneers - These porcelain or resin covers are bonded to the front of the teeth. They can cover imperfections such as cracks or chips in the teeth.

Dentures - These can be full or partial. If you are looking for a solution to tooth replacement at a more economical cost than implants, dentures may be the answer. Dentures can be removed and are an excellent solution until a more permanent bridge or implant is chosen.

Bridges - These can be used when missing a single to a few teeth. Bridges are made of porcelain and are fixed into their location connecting to the adjacent teeth.

Dental Implants - Implants are an excellent long term solution to missing teeth. Implants are permanent and are typically preferred over bridges or dentures. Implants are made to look exactly like the original missing tooth. Implants can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Teeth Whitening - Years of consuming dark beverages and consuming acidic foods can cause teeth to begin changing color and darkening. Dr. Bernstein has many options for his patients to choose from to regain the beautiful smile they once enjoyed.

Dental Crown - Sometimes called a “cap,” crowns can be a porcelain or metal base. Essentially, a crown in made to fit over the tooth after decayed or damaged structure is removed.

If you are a candidate for cosmetic dental procedures in Farmington Hills, Dr. Richard Bernstein has a variety of solutions available. Call today.

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