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Bridges from your Michigan dentist differ from dental crown treatment

Two common forms of treatment in dentistry that double as restorative and cosmetic treatments are dental crowns and bridges. Dr. Bernstein, extensively skilled in all areas of dentistry, can help patients choose the best way to improve their smiles. Achieving your most beautiful smile is not difficult when you partner with a dentist as committed to smile design as Dr. Bernstein.

Dental crowns and bridges are closely related in a few ways. One is that both forms of treatment are methods of repair. Both also include dental crowns. Each has a different purpose in the restoration of a beautiful, functional smile.

Dental crowns are individual "caps" that cover a tooth. The purpose could be to protect tooth structure that has been weakened, perhaps after the removal of a cracked amalgam filling. Crowns are also commonly used as a protective measure around a tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy. By placing a strong dental crown over a tooth, strength is restored, and the underlying tooth should not break down any further, nor need to be removed.

Where a dental crown is used to save a tooth, we use dental bridges in our Michigan practice to replace missing teeth. A bridge will become a permanent fixture in the mouth, different from a partial denture, which is removable. Dental bridges contain three or more individual pieces, which are fused together to make the bridge structure that spans a gap in between two teeth. At each end of the bridge is a dental crown, fabricated to fit over a tooth adjacent to the empty space. In between two crowns is a pontic, or artificial tooth, which will sit on top of gum tissue. Although dental implants provide a permanent replacement for lost teeth, there are situations in which the dental bridge is the most suitable option for a patient.

Dr. Richard Bernstein is a general and cosmetic dentist in Michigan who serves his patients with the highest-quality restorative care in the area. He is committed to the oral health and the smile aesthetics of his patients, and treats each with compassionate, individualized care.

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