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To rejuvenate your smile, see your dentist in the West Bloomfield area

When we greet other people, our natural instinct is to show a broad, natural smile. Because we live in an image-conscious era, many of us fight this natural instinct so that we can avoid showing unattractive teeth. Teeth that have become discolored through the years can age the entire face, and leave you feeling less confident in your interactions with others. There is no need to continue hiding your smile because of dull, yellow teeth. Your dentist in the West Bloomfield area has a variety of ways to brighten your smile.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that has evolved a great deal over the years. In our office in Farmington Hills, patients are able to find the solution that best suits their needs without giving up excellence in results. The results come from specific factors in the whitening process. This does not mean that in-office whitening will produce more dramatic results than professional home-whitening treatment. Where results really differ is between commercial and professional treatments.

Both commercial and professional whitening products contain some form of peroxide, either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. In order to achieve the greatest amount of lifting of discoloration, the concentration of peroxide is what matters the most. The strength of the solution contained in commercial whitening products is limited because there is no professional supervision for such treatment. The reduction of whitening agents decreases the risk of damage to soft tissues, but also limits the degree of whitening that can take place. For very mild discoloration, commercial whitening strips may be sufficient for brightening the smile. In most cases, professional dental treatment is the most suitable, most cost-effective approach to smile enhancement.

The higher concentration of whitening agent found in professional whitening solutions makes a world of difference in results. Our whitening treatments are powerful enough to seep into stain molecules, break them up, and eliminate them from tooth enamel. Whether you choose an in-office or home treatment, the efficiency of our professional solution will facilitate optimal results.

Dr. Bernstein and our friendly dental team can help you love your smile. Contact our office today to schedule your visit.

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