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Farmington Hills, MI area patients ask, what is gum disease?

Patients must care for their smile to maintain their oral health, which is much more important than they may realize. Patients might believe that not brushing and flossing leads to small cavities, which can easily be treated, with fillings. However, the risks of poor oral health can develop into much bigger problems, including gum disease.

What is gum disease? Gum disease is a condition that occurs which can result in irreversible damage to the teeth, gums, and bone. When patients do not maintain proper oral hygiene habits, they may put themselves at risk for developing gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease. Gum disease has serious consequences. It can cause the loss of healthy gum tissue, bone, and natural teeth. While it can be controlled, it cannot be reversed, so development should be avoided for a healthy smile for life!

Gum disease starts out as gingivitis. This stage of gum disease is characterized by problems such as bleeding during brushing and flossing, persistent bad breath, and red and inflamed gum tissue. At this point, the condition may be reversed if patients seek the assistance of Richard S. Bernstein, DDS as soon as possible. This ensures proper diagnosis and treatment, which can assist patients in maintaining their oral health.

If patients do not give this condition attention in its earliest stages, it can develop into periodontitis. This is when the condition becomes irreversible. Patients will begin to develop pockets between the gum tissue and the teeth, which can collect food particles and bacteria, which can further harm the surfaces of the teeth and gums. Bone begins to deteriorate, which can result in loosened teeth that can fall out due to lack of support. Patients must seek assistance from a quality dental team to ensure the protection of their natural smile and keep problems such as these from occurring to begin with.

Patients must visit their dentist regularly to ensure examinations help catch these problems early if they do occur. Richard S. Bernstein, DDS of the Farmington Hills, MI area encourages his patients to seek his assistance when concerns arise while also maintaining at least two appointments a year for cleanings and examinations to ensure overall improvements in dental health.
Dr. Richard Bernstein

Richard S. Bernstein D.D.S

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With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Bernstein is a renowned cosmetic dentist and is passionate about providing the best for his patients, making him a respected pillar of trust amongst his community. He possesses a Masters in Biochemistry - WSU School of Medicine, and a Doctorate in Dental Surgery - University of Detroit.He is presently a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, and a Diplomate in the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry (ABAD) to name a few.

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