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Teeth whitening treatment makes smiles sparkle in Farmington Hills


woman smiles with beautiful teeth Have you ever experienced the dread of meeting someone new because you know you’ll have to smile and risk them seeing your stained and yellowing teeth? Having dull or dingy teeth can affect your daily life and make you feel very uncomfortable in social situations.

Stained teeth are often associated with poor hygiene. While this isn’t always true, they can leave a bad first impression. Choosing to brighten your smile with teeth whitening solutions can make a positive change in your life. While drug store whitening products seem alluring for their cost and convenience, professional whitening systems from your dentist provide cost-effective results that are safer, quicker, and more effective than over the counter alternatives.

At the office of Dr. Richard S. Bernstein in Farmington Hills, we are trained in the correct technique and provide excellent results.

Other benefits for choosing professional teeth whitening include:
  • Boost in self-confidence. People who are confident tend to perform better in school and careers, and are genuinely happier. Being proud of your smile can improve your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Improve first impressions. You are often judged within seconds of meeting someone. A beautiful smile can make you seem warm, friendly, and attractive.

  • Boosts your mood. The better your teeth look, the more you’ll want to smile. The more you smile, the better you will feel. There is a direct correlation between smiling and an increase in endorphins that make you feel happy.

  • Better oral hygiene. Many dental professionals have noted that patients who have undergone teeth whitening tend to take better care of their teeth. When patients are happy with their sparkling smile, they are motivated to brush often, and visit the dentist for professional cleanings to keep them looking their best.
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